…Another Door Opens

Yet another transformation in my professional identity and what I truly am. My blog site is moving once again. And just like last time it is for the better. The new site will allow you to keep up to date with me and events such as media appearances and new seminars.

The security field and it’s many and varied functions is both my vocation & avocation…I am dedicated to saving lives of adults and children while they are at school. My new book, due in May, was inspired by the shootings in Parkland Florida on February 14, Murder in the Classroom: A Practical Guide for Prevention.

I finally decided that it was time to start my own website that more finally tunes my professional identity and tell you, the reader, my different functions. This website will host my blog as well as other items to help you, your loved ones, schools, and business stay safe, and secure.

I have worked in a wide variety of fields in my 35-year career in the security field. From temporary labor, fast food restaurants, and hospitality to name a few not in the security field. Therefore I believe I have the experience and knowledge to write what I believe in. Yes, my posts are full of quirky, weird, and unusual ideas. But they are time tested and have been proven to work. You will have to tweak them for your own use but…

If you have any security questions or wish to have me consult for you and your company, either in person or telephonically we can discuss it, just send me a message with a phone number or e-mail address through the website.

I write my blog posts for one reason & one reason only. To help protect lives, property, and assets.

Please visit my new website at www.robertdsollars.com and read what I can do for you and your company. You can also follow me on twitter for insights on customer service and workplace violence prevention at @robertsollars2. If you prefer to contact me through e-mail then click the contact link on the website.

Thanks for sticking with me through all of these changes and I hope to have you continue to read and visit my website to keep getting these and read more of my ideas and quirky thoughts on security. Have A Safe Day!

Robert D. Sollars assists businesses & schools to safeguard the lives of their employees & students to lessen their risk of violence as well as other security/customer service related issues with time tested and proven ideas. You can follow him on his website www.robertdsollars.com, twitter@robertsollars2, or by e-mail at robertsollars2@gmail.com.

He is the author of 2 books on preventing violence in both schools and businesses:

Never to Grow-Up: Preventing Violence in our Schools

One is too Many: Recognizing & Preventing Workplace Violence

both available on Amazon. His upcoming book will be available in May, watch for more details on

Murder in the Classroom: A Practical Guide for Prevention

                          May be Blind but my Vision is Crystal Clear


Permission to reprint? Of course, with these guidelines; the original content must be printed in full with original wording, with grammatical corrections, and full attribution.

Copyright 2018 Robert D. Sollars

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