School Shootings & Threats Rule February

Starting with the horrific shooting in Parkland Florida on the 14th, Valentine’s /’day no less, a rash of threats and shootings have occurred at the nations schools. According to both ABC Radio and my local FOX TV affiliate, more than 200 threats of shootings have been reported in the 14 days since that shooting. Obviously I have not heard of all the threats, like last year with the Jewish Community Center threats.

However, the ones I have listed below are the ones that I have heard about on both national and local news casts. This is by nomeans an all inclusive list, since I know I’ve missed any number of them while sleeping or being out and about. The number of incidents has been increased by 200, the approx.. umber of threats n schools, although again not officially named.

Los Angeles, CA. February 1 (school) 5w

Las Vegas, NV. February 1             1w

Mesa, AZ. February 2                                      1d

Tempe, AZ. February 4                                   1d

Corpus Christi, TX. February 4     4w

Richardson, TX. February 7                           2d

Phoenix, AZ. February 7                                 1d

Boulder, CO. February 8 (school) 1w

Flagstaff, AZ. February 8 (school)              0

Phoenix, AZ. February 13                              1d

Ft. Meade, MD. February 14        3w

Everitt, WA. February 14               0

Parkland, FL. February 14 (school) 21w   17d

Phoenix, AZ. February 14 (school)   1w

Kirbyville, TX. February 15 (school)           0

Rochester, NY. February 16(school)          0

Seattle, WA. February 16 (school)             0

Phoenix, AZ. February 16 (school)             0

Atlanta, GA. February 18                               0

Scottsdale, AZ. February 18                          1d

San Antonio, TX. February 18       3w

Kirbyville, TX. February 19 (school)           0

Jackson TWSP, OH. February 20 (school) 1d

Phoenix, AZ. February 22 (school)             0

Los Angeles, CA. February 22 (school)     0

Prescott Valley, AZ. February 21 (school) 0

Tempe, AZ. February 23 (school)               0

Winchester, MA. February 24                      2w

Phoenix, AZ. February 25                              2w          1d

Yuma, AZ. February 27 (school)                  0

Dalton, GA. February 28 (school)               1w

(School violence threats have been added in to the number of 200 as reported by ABC Radio/FOX 10)

February:231 incidents  26 dead 42 wounded

Year-to-Date: 257 Arizona: 19

44 Dead      66 Wounded

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