Trust but Verify

Those words spoken by one of my personal hero’s and arguably greatest Presidents was stated about nuclear arms control in the mid-80s. But it applies to everyday life and in particular security in all respects.

When you’re blind…it is even more imperative that you trust people but verify what you need accomplished. Because you can contract for a service or trust someone to do something for you, it may not be accomplished the way you need it to be and that brings me to the point of this post.

Four years ago, I published my book “One is too Many: Recognizing & Preventing Workplace Violence”. It was a book that was wonderfully edited by Wolfe Creative and published by… no names at this point. The hard cover of the book was fantastic with its minimalism (red lettering on a black cover). However, when they attempted to create a mobi file for Amazon and post it…not so much.

When I finally called to find out what was going on, last week which was a dismal failure on my part, I discovered that they had tried to create it, but it failed. Therefore, since the person responsible for that never checked to ensure it was done, I went 4 years thinking my book had bombed and I was a failure. This despite the positive feedback I got from numerous people (an excerpt of the review by Security Management is below).

The person who reviewed it was a security professional And he stated “It was like listening to your crusty old uncle giving you good advice.” I kinda liked that because like your crusty old uncle I give it to you plainly and bluntly, the way it should be…not sugar coated and with verbose flowery language.

One is too Many can now be ordered by clicking here. Thank you for purchasing this book and for allowing me to potentially save the lives of yourself, loved ones, family members, friends, and those of your business associates whom you work with on a daily basis.

Robert D. Sollars assists businesses and their employees to lessen their risk of WPV as well as other security/customer service related issues with time tested and proven ideas. You can follow him on his upcoming new website or twitter@robertsollars2.

                       I May be Blind but my Vision is Crystal Clear

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