Year end review of WPV numbers

Below are the statistics that I collected in 2017 for workplace violence (WPV). Because of the threats and actual arson fires of religious institutions, from Christian, Jewish, & Islamic, across the country the numbers are a marked increase over 2016

If you are diligent enough to fact check my numbers you will also find that some of the recorded incidents are not reflected in the state numbers. With more than 150 Jewish institutions targets over the first quarter of the year I went with the recorded reports from the news media of over 175. However, they were not broken into individual states or incidents so…

Another point on the numbers… The total number of states that I did not receive any incidents was 15. This does not indicate that no incidents occurred in these states simply that I did not hear of any of them. While I know for a fact that incidents did occur in them, if I do not receive any reports I can’t claim them in the numbers.

Remember that WPV can occur both in and out of the business if it occurs because of work. Incidents that occur from an ex-employee chasing a current employee around a parking lot are also WPV (Green Bay, WI. December 21). Just like someone throwing hot French fries into the face of a counter clerk because they were upset at their order not being right (Phoenix November 15).

I will also state here that I, for various reasons, do not have full numbers for October, November, or December. If I did then the overall numbers would undoubtedly be higher by several dozen…both with incidents as well as dead and wounded.

Keep in mind as well that because you see more than a 100 incidents in Arizona that it doesn’t mean that the land of AZ is a dangerous state. Reality will intrude here because I live here and am close to California. I am absolutely positive that California received many more than is reported and the same goes for Texas, Illinois, & every other state. The numbers for December are directly under the state numbers and then the total for the year.


Numbers by State:

Arizona                                                                               106

California                                                                          24

Texas                                                                                    17

Florida                                                                                16

Illinois                                                                                 11

New York                                                                          10

Ohio, Washington D.C, Wisconsin                   6

Georgia, Maryland, Missouri, New Mexico, Nevada, Pennsylvania,

Virginia                                                                               4

Arkansas, Montana, Oklahoma, Washington                     3

Alabama, Colorado, Massachusetts, South Carolina,

Tennessee                                                                                                2

Alaska, Delaware, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire,

North Carolina, Oregon, Utah                            1

Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming, Vermont                                                    0

Numbers for December:

Peoria, AZ. December 6 (school)            0

Aztec, NM. December (school)              3d

Phoenix, AZ. December 13 (school)       0

Beaver Falls, PA. December 13 (school                 0

Cincinnati, OH. December 13                 1d

Arlington, AZ. December 17                   0

Green Bay, WI. December 21                 0

Los Angeles, CA. December 26               0

Long Beach, CA. December 29               2d

Santa Fe, NM. December 29                  0

Huntington Ranch, CO.                           2d6w

December:  10 Incidents 10 dead   6wounded


Year-to-Date: 406 Arizona: 106

234 Dead     683 Wounded

Robert D. Sollars assists businesses and their employees to lessen their risk of WPV as well as other security/customer service related issues with time tested and proven ideas. You can follow him on his Facebook page,, or twitter@robertsollars2.

I May be Blind but my Vision is Crystal Clear

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