Incidents of Work Place Violence for September

Phoenix, AZ. September 1                                            1d

Phoenix, AZ. September 1                           0

Prescott, AZ. September 5                           1w

Nashville, TN. September 5 (school)        1w

Casa Grande, AZ. September 6                  2w             1d

Anchorage, AK. September 12                                       3d

Nashua, NH. September 12                                             1d

Rockford, WA. September 13 (school)      3w               1d

Atlanta, GA. September 16 (school)                               1d

Jacksonville, FL. September 18 (school)    1w

Savannah, GA. September 20 (school)                         1d

Mattoon, IL. September 20 (school)        2w

(four shootings in Central Illinois reported no school names known)


Antioch, TN. (church)                                      7w                  1d

Chandler, AZ. September 26 (school)     0

New York, NY. September 27                       1w                     1d

September:   19 incidents 12 dead 18 wounded

Year-to-Date: 377 Arizona: 93

111 Dead     288 Wounded

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