School violence is not declining… so are you being lied too?

All indications are that school violence is down and everything is all hunky dory, not to mention that mass shootings are declining! Usually this is considered good news but it is not because you are being lied to by school administrators and those at the district level.

Being lied too? Why and for what reason? That is very simple to answer. As simple as why the government and pharmaceutical companies don’t release any disease cures that work elsewhere in the world that utilize natural remedies.


If schools state that they have more violent incidents and that bullying and drug use is rising precipitously among its students then what happens? The school comes under scrutiny and is examined in-depth by…everyone. From the school district to the community at large. The main question asked? Why is this school so bad and why are the others so much better?

The end result being is that their budget gets cut for physical activity, arts, other items and

The administration gets fired and someone new comes in. The new person told in secrecy; conform to what we (the district) want and you’ll keep the job. That secret you ask? Under report the violent incidents…fist fights and drug use are not reasons for suspensions or expulsions. And if a firearm is reported but nothing found…don’t officially report it. Think I’m lying and being a conspiracist? It is happening all over the country.

Usually it comes from the worst schools in the country, Baltimore, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Should I really even have to mention that these are some of the cities with the highest violent crime rates in the country and gang related activities?

Check out google for the reports of school violence and some of the news reports I get on a daily basis. If you are truly concerned about our kids, you will see the trends that I have seen for the past decade or so. The news media, both local and national, won’t report on these things either. They get a few seconds of mention on a newscast and that’s it…if at all.

So who is to blame for the under reporting of incidents in our schools? It should be obvious to anyone. Who keeps the records and turns them into the state or to the media for review? The administration and district. Arizona passed a law last year requiring standardized reporting procedures for all schools which is a step in the right direction.

Many schools and districts can usually make their own determination of what is and isn’t a violent incident or a case of verbal assault. That definitely skews the numbers towards favorable ones for the school and district. Is a fist fight a violent incident? To some schools no it isn’t.

Are verbal threats and assaults against students and teachers an actual assault? Most schools don’t consider this as such. But in normal workplace violence scenarios and security professionals it is. We have security officers in most schools anymore but they aren’t allowed to do their jobs properly.

Why? Because little Timmy or Joanie’s mom will get upset and sue the school for being overly harsh to her lil angel. Add in the over used racism and discrimination, you may think you are back in the 60s and fighting  against ‘the man’, anything in authority along with the proliferation of phones and cameras allowed on campuses as well. Because generally, only part of the incident is filmed…not what precipitated it. That is a problem when only part of the story is told. An example?

While this didn’t occur in a school it illustrates the point clearly: A 22-year-old man was caught for jay-walking in Mesa, AZ. in the early part of July 2017. A passerby started filming the incident. All it showed was 2 cops beating the hell out of the poor black kid.

The truth? This sweet innocent black kid had a rap sheet filled with assault, drug offenses, and assaulting police officers. As he ran away he dumped a bag with a few ounces of pot in it. What happened? After a protest by an Al Sharpton protégé fizzled…nothing further was heard about the brutality of the police and the poor lil angel pleaded guilty.

If you pay attention to what the news says and doesn’t say about school violence, then you will begin to get a clearer picture of what is actually happening. If your kids come home and tell you something happened at school and it doesn’t make the news are you going to dismiss it as exaggeration by your child?

If you do those things you are accepting the lies being told to you by the schools and districts. In that case you can’t blame anyone except yourself and the schools if a drastic violent incident pops up at your child’s school and someone develops mental trauma or worse fatally injured.

Robert D. Sollars assists businesses and their employees to lessen their risk of WPV as well as other security/customer service related issues. You can follow him on his Facebook page,, or twitter@robertsollars2.

                                    I May be Blind but my Vision is Crystal Clear

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