WPV in July

I apologize for the incompleteness of this list. Issues with several items prevented me from keeping track of them over the last weekend of the month. Therefore there are at least 5 – 10 incidents that I did not get. Again my profuse apologies.


Just learned of an attack by a patient in an ER at Harrington Hospital in Boston. The nurse was severely injured and now has limited mobility in her arms after being stabbed in the neck and arm. It has been added to the totals


Little Rock, AR. July 1                                     28w

Charleston, SC. July 2                                     0

Santa Monica, CA. July 3                               1w

New York, NY. July 5                                                           1d

Hanscom AFB, MA. July 6                             0

Tucson, AZ. July 6                                            0

Phoenix, AZ. July 7                                          0

Phoenix, AZ. July 8                                                              1d

Phoenix, AZ. July 8                                          0

Hinton, OK. July 10                                          3w

Phoenix, AZ. July 12                                                           1d

Phoenix, AZ. July 12                                       0

Avondale, AZ. July 13                                     1w

Phoenix, AZ. July 13                                       1w

Southfield, RI. July 13                                    0

Miami, FL. July 20                                            0

Scottsdale, AZ. July 21                                                       1d

Chico, CA. July 22                                             3w              1d

Washington D.C. July 24                               1w

July: 19  incidents    5 dead   38 wounded

Year-to-Date: 346 Arizona: 83

87 Dead     238 Wounded

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