The Golden Rule

It doesn’t matter which culture or religion you have grown up with, a variation of the golden rule is taught to us as kids. When we grow up and have kids we teach it to them. But as adults we ignore the golden rule and make rules, laws, regulations, and prohibitions against using it.

Our politicians and overly litigious corporate attorneys push for reforms that make it nearly impossible for us to perform outstanding customer service to our customers. Whether those customers are internal or external doesn’t matter, we don’t take care of them the way we should, because we have forgotten the Golden Rule.

The Golden Rule, for those who may have forgotten, states “Do unto others as you have them do unto you”. The wording may be a bit old fashioned… but the point is valid. Unfortunately, anymore the rule is “Do unto others before they can do unto you!” In other words treat them shabbily so they can’t complain about the way you do things or the way they have been treated.

The attitude of customer ‘no service’, a term coined by Clark Howard in the late 90s, is so prevalent in our society it is becoming epidemic. For many people it is frustrating to not be able to talk to a human when you call somewhere. Can we say voice menu systems?

While many tech savvy people, can we say millennials who don’t seem to care about inter action, enjoy the idea of using technology to solve their problems does anyone take into account the minority of people who can’t use technology very well? A great example is my pharmacy, when I call to refill a prescription.

My phone doesn’t work well and the voice cross over is like listening to two people at the same time, so I try to use voice option when I can. But when their system doesn’t recognize voices because it’s somehow messed up … It gets very frustrating for those who may be disabled. Frustrating enough that if we were violent people we would probably take out those frustrations on the people inside the business, can we say explosive workplace violence, instead of the coffee cup or phone in our hands!

The point of all of this ranting and raving is that we have gotten away from serving the customers, both internal and external because overly regulated and rule oriented businesses. We have raised a couple of generations of people to believe that if they can’t get what they want they can injure, maim, kill, or sue the crap out of any person or business they want…because they are entitled to it.

If we as a society would just live by the golden rule and act like adults instead of 2-year-olds we would all be better off. Treating the customers, whether they work for you or not, should be a top priority. If that means breaking the rules and doing things a little bit…shall we say out-of-the-box, should be the ordinary not extraordinary.

But I would assume that this post is falling upon deaf ears because far too many of us are chained, and I do mean we are literally chained like Prometheus to spend eternity spouting platitudes of why we can’t do something. Chained to the idea of following the rules to a fault. We fall into the tired old cliché of

“If I do that I may get written up, or worse, fired!”

Or the other worn-out one

“We’ve always done it this way, why change what works?”

Or possibly

“Someone might get into trouble if we do that out of the norm!”

As I have stated innumerable times over my career, to both my employees and myself, if it isn’t illegal, immoral, or unethical, then why can’t we do it? So you get written up, suspended, or fired. We all get that one time or another, don’t we? If we do get fired then we can just be like most every American…sue the company and drive prices up for everyone else! “What the hell do we care about servicing the customer properly anyway?”

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Robert D. Sollars assists businesses and their employees to lessen their risk of WPV as well as other security/customer service related issues. You can follow him on his Facebook page,, or twitter@robertsollars2.

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