Active Shooter reports down for June

You will notice that this list of WPV incidents is much shorter than normal…only 16 of them. This doesn’t mean that WPV is taking a holiday because it’s summer. On the contrary other issues intruded on reporting such news as WPV incidents.

Politics was nearly non-stop on the national news channels. In Arizona, which you will notice that most of the incidents came before the 15th, was filled with news of our heat wave (as hot as 120 a couple of times) and the innumerable wild fires that were blazing around the state. Some news stations used as much as ¾’s of their broadcast time on them.

As politics, fires, and temperatures stay high, then I expect the WPV numbers to stay down…at least in being reported.

Flagstaff, AZ. June 1                                 4w

Laredo, TX. June 2                        2d        3w

Orlando, FL. June 5                         6d       7w

Phoenix, AZ. June 5                              0

Dayton, OH. June 7 (school)                0

Whitefish Bay, WI. June 7 (school)   0

Tunkhannock, PA.                                 4d

Phoenix, AZ. June 10                                      1w

Newport, AR. June 12                           1d

Madison, GA. June 13                          2d

Alexandria, VA. June 14 (political)   1d     5w

San Francisco, CA. June 14                  4d     2w

Travis AFB, CA. June 14                        0

Scottsdale, AZ. June 15                       0

Phoenix, AZ. June 26                            1d

Huntsville, AL. June 27                        0

New York, NY. June 30                         2d     6w

June: 17 incidents    23 dead   29 wounded

Year-to-Date: 327 Arizona: 73

84 Dead     206 Wounded

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