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Press Release

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Robert D. Sollars

Author, coach, and speaker

Twitter: @robertsollars2


Workplace Violence Numbers Reach Tragic Milestone for 2017


Scottsdale, Ariz. – May 25, 2017 – Robert D. Sollars


The number of workplace violence (WPV) & school violence (SV) incidents has reached a tragic milestone for 2017. As of May 24th, 2017 the number of incidents has eclipsed more than 300 since January 1st nationwide and more than 65 in Arizona. The total number of reported incidents in 2016 that were recorded on local & national news outlets was only 307. Unfortunately, these are only a small fraction of the 15 million incidents that occur annually.


“The number of reported incidents in the media is directly attributed to several things.” According to workplace violence expert Robert D. Sollars, “#1 is the threats against Jewish community centers and other religious institutions earlier in the year, teenagers being stupid (as they are want to do with social media), and the political unrest, which despite the election being over has continued and spilled into businesses. These along with domestic violence and such are contributing to the precipitous reported rise in the number of incidents.”


“Frayed nerves are the main result of the number of incidents that turned out to be only threats and hoaxes. But they did have the intended effect of intimidating and interrupting businesses & schools into altering their daily activities. In any event, people can and more than likely were traumatized by the incident, which greatly adds to the number of injured.”


Sollars went on to say that many incidents that people don’t realize or think is WPV/SV actually are. Incidents such as, verbal assaults, threats, and vandalism including arson when meant to intimidate. Sollars has numerous ways to prevent  or lessen the likelihood of WPV/SV if you would like to hear them.

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