Dear murderer

I wanted to address you personally but obviously I don’t know your name…yet. Since the crime you are about to commit is not yet known, I think that you should know a few things about the crime you’re about to commit and its impact it will have on the families of those you injure. I’m just not convinced that you really care about anyone but yourself.

It’s plainly obvious if you have a family yourself you don’t give a rat’s pa toot about them. Because you don’t care about them only as targets for a bellicose barrel of manure. Obviously you, along with countless others think about only themselves. I believe, along with more untold millions, it’s about time that someone holds you, and those like you, accountable. The heartache you will cause for no really good reason, other than you can’t control your anger.

Whether you intend to kill or just seriously injure someone. Whether or not you physically or verbally assault someone, the result will be the same. It will cost you and the other person their job, money (for all of you, the victim & their families, your family, the company, and you, time in prison – thank God Almighty for that, and eventually a whole bunch of remorse, hopefully.

You will have that remorse only if you get the proper psychological help, which I doubt you will. You are after all someone who is narcissistic, maniacal, and egotistical and you are justified in doing what you did to justify your idiotic feelings of anger. At least in your own delusional mind.

You are by nature a coward and bully, why else would you decide to commit suicide 66% of the time after murdering someone while they are at work or even on the way to or from it? If you get the police to do your dirty work by killing you, then you are even lower than the slimy film left by a slug that slinks along the ground. As a coward you don’t want to face a court of justice, because in your own psychotic mind you already delivered your style of justice…to the victim.

It is also plainly obvious YOUR family doesn’t matter to you either. You clearly enjoy hearing kids scream in terror, cry, and feel guilty for a parent’s death or being locked away for untold number of years. A fine example of a man walking on all fours.

You will be causing some child, possibly your own, the joy, however misplaced, the presence of their parents company at birthday parties or Christmas. They won’t have a parent to take them to a ball game or watch them in a school play or other presentation. But that’s okay you don’t give a damn about them either, do you? It could take years for a child to get over it sufficiently.

We all have financial, social, & familial responsibilities to face up to. So no one wants to hear your verbal vomit about having pressures, who doesn’t? Considering you are probably a man you need to, as the old saying goes, MAN UP! Or at least talk to someone who can help, but of course you won’t “A real man knows how to handle this”.

Just because you are a so called man doesn’t mean you have to kill, maim, or create havoc to satisfy your anger. Did you not learn anything better than that from your parents or grandparents?

If you’re worried about your significant partner cheating or working… obviously you’re not doing something to satisfy them emotionally, mentally, physically, or financially. That reminder just shows you that you ain’t the man you thought you were, just a common loser of a butt head with it up you’re a**.

So, if they want to leave, let them go. They don’t belong to you and you don’t own them no matter what your thoughts or feelings may be. As for the co-workers you’re mad at – so what! Let them do what they will. Eventually they will get their comeuppance, somewhere at some time, if they are indeed in the wrong. But somehow I don’t really think they are it’s just your stupid idiotic chain of thoughts that make them seem that way.

What about the co-workers who just happen to get in your way and are completely innocent? Don’t you think they deserve a little better than being in the wrong place at the wrong time? No matter what your delusional half a brain may tell you, you are not judge, jury, or executioner, by any stretch of the imagination except in a Hitlerian or Stalinesque mindset.

Then there’s the employer or business you’re mad at. Think you don’t make enough money and they keep raising prices or not giving you a raise? It’s because of people like you that cost us more than $135 Billion a year in higher prices! So, obviously you don’t really care that other people have to pay higher prices, just not you. Why? Because you’re special? Trust me, you ain’t!

I hope that this clarifies things for you. I’m glad you like to hear people screaming in fear and terror because of you. It’s nice to know that there are people who like to hear children cry. Not to mention parents bury their own kids and husbands and wives lose the love of their life.

Just keep this in mind…some of us are not scared of you. We may die, but by God we will stand up to your cowardly bullying and murderous ways. You may not die with us but we will defy you with every ounce of strength we have.

Have a great and wonderful day you miserable wretched bag of snail and snake vomited pile of slimy puddle of s*** that you are.

Sincerely,               @robertsollars2

                                       I May be Blind but my Vision is Crystal Clear

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