March recorded 40 incidents of workplace violence

A report I heard on Saturday the 4th, stated that approx. 122 Jewish Community Centers have been hit with bomb & other threats of violence, which thankfully have turned out to be hoaxes. Since I have counted 15 incidents already I am now adding the remaining 107 incidents to the number totals for the year with the actual cities being listed.

On the 7th  I heard  that five more Jewish centers were hit. I got the city names of three. The other two were in New York and Florida and have been added into the totals as unknown City in those states.

And on the 23rd, I heard on ABC Radio News, that a 19-year-old Israeli man was arrested for making more than 150 threats against Jewish centers in the United States. The additional 30 incidents have been added to the totals.


Los Angeles, CA. March 3                      0

New York, NY. March 5                         1w

Peoria, AZ. March 5                                0

Phoenix, AZ. March 5                             0

Hialeah, FL. March 6                             1w

Peoria, AZ. March 6 (school)                0

Milwaukee, IL. March 5                         0

Chicago, IL. March 5 (school)               0

Albany, NY. March 5                               0

Unknown city, NY. March 7                 0

Unknown city, FL. March 7                 0

Columbus, OH. March 7                       1w

New York, NY. March 9                         0

Phoenix, AZ. march 10                         1w

Washington D.C. march 10                  0

Flagstaff, AZ. March 10 (school)        0

Tucson, AZ. March 11                           0

Seattle, WA. March 11                         0

Chandler, AZ. March 11                       0

Pruitt, NM,. March 12                                            1d

Tucson, AZ. March 13                            0

Little Rock, AR. March 14(school)     1w

Flagstaff, AZ. March 15 (school)        0

Phoenix, AZ. March 17                          1w             1d

Washington D.C. March 18                  0

Phoenix, AZ. March 19                         0

Manchester, NH. March 20                 0

Parker, AZ. March 21 (school)           1w

Rothschild, WI. March 22                 2w                       4d

Flagstaff, AZ. March 22 (school)        0

Rockville, MD. March 23 (school)         0

Scottsdale, AZ. March 24                                                1d

Las Vegas, NV. March 25                       1w                   1d

Cincinnati, OH. March 26                   15w                   1d

Washington D.C. March 29                    0

Flagstaff, AZ. March 29 (school)          0

Peoria, AZ. March 29 (school)               0

Phoenix, AZ. March 30                           1w

Avondale, AZ. March 30                                                  1d

March:   40 incidents   9 dead   26 wounded

Year-to-Date: 243 Arizona: 40

29  Dead     95 Wounded or Twitter: @robertsollars2

I May be Blind but my Vision is Crystal Clear

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