Workplace/School violence incidents eclipse 200 for year

The number of workplace and school violence incidents (WPV and SV) has eclipsed 200 already for 2017. For most people this is a shocking number. The response I get when I tell people this, including the media? “There isn’t that many people been killed! How can you say that?”

The answer is succinct, concise, and kinda sends them wondering. “Not all WPV/SV occurs either in the business or school nor does anyone get killed or wounded by a firearm. It is more likely to be a bomb threat or hoax or something as innocuous. Basically, something that the media won’t cover because it’s not sensational enough”.

I go on to tell them that the number of incidents that have been reported on this year has been greatly increased due to our new President and the number of them are directly attributed to the bomb threats aimed at Jewish Community Centers/schools, and other religious institutions.

These incidents occur but are rarely classified as either WPV/SV for whatever reason. It is fortunate that no one is seriously injured or killed in 99% of these incidents. With more than 15 million incidents of WPV/SV every year few are ever seriously injured or killed.

But it does have the intended effect on schools, businesses, and other organizations of disrupting their hectic day’s schedules. After the hoax comes the police response and mandatory evacuation. After that is the search of the facility. Several hours later, usually, the students/employees are allowed back in.

By this time no one will want to do much work because of the trauma, to some, of what just happened. People being traumatized and suffering those effects for several hours, days, weeks, months, or in extreme cases years can slow down the productivity of the entire organization.

While there are bruises, minor cuts, and bumps there is no one that is bleeding and taken to the hospital and covered with body bags or blankets. Those are the incidents that get covered in the news such as the Fort Lauderdale International Airport in January.

Just because you don’t think it’s WPV or SV doesn’t mean it isn’t. WPV/SV can occur away from the business and school as well as inside of it. There are numerous incidents where an employee was fired or taken revenge on a co-worker away from the job site. And how many kids have been beaten up before or after school going to or from it?

Here are a couple of recent examples of both:

Chandler February 15, 2017 a man drove his pick-up through the front window of a donut shop and then fled

Florida 2016 throwing an alligator into a drive thru window,

Phoenix October 3, 2016 The AZ Republic endorsed Hillary Clinton for President and then received death threats

Throwing a verbal tirade because a customer or employee is upset and angry, today…somewhere or Twitter: @robertsollars2

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