Diary of a plot

These fictionalized diary entries are from my book “One is too Many: Recognizing & Preventing Workplace Violence”. All names and incidents are an amalgamation of the innumerable deadly incidents I’ve encountered in the past 26 years of researching, writing, teaching, and speaking about workplace violence.


March 20 – 3rd shift won’t be easy here, but it’ll work for now. I’ve been told that I have a shift of squirrely workers so I best get out there and start meeting them!

March 23 – Dad wasn’t kidding, these are a bunch of squirrely workers! It is definitely a bit eclectic! It’ll take some getting used to these personalities, business school definitely didn’t tell me about this!

March 30 – …others well… There is only one or two that really kind of bother me. Richard Reilly and Sandra Boil, they’re both a bit close to the edge if you ask me, but I’m not a psychologist.

April 10 – It does not help that Reilly has really started acting weird lately. Don Jackson told me he muttered a threat to him under his breath. I’ll have to keep an eye on him.

April 30 – Things are really going well. I’ve learned a lot about almost everyone here except Boil and Reilly. Boil still sits alone most of the time and Reilly is starting to get on my nerves about stuff. Also his production is becoming increasingly erratic.

May 10 – Well I just had a long talk with Boyle. I didn’t realize that things were so bad with her and her husband. It took a bit of coaxing and candid talk about her work performance but…

May 15 – I sat Riley down and tried to talk to him about his work issues. His concentration is off and he is constantly walking into and tripping over things, like he’s drunk! I checked him and he’s not. Sent him for a drug test yesterday and it came back negative for anything…

May 29 – I had to fire Riley this morning. …mumbling something about everyone was out to get him and he’d take care of the problem later.

June 3 – When I came in tonight there were security guards everywhere! Dad said that Riley had called and said that he was going to shoot up the place. Scary stuff to be sure. I’m glad that dad has ordered a lock down of the factory, but man it’s going to get hot in here without the doors open! Oh my God, I hear gun shots. There he is and he’s got a gun! He’s shooting everyone in sight. He just walked by Boyle and Hoolihan. He’s coming this way! Oh N…


Gunman kills 3 wounds 2 at plastics plant

Compiled by: Trent Margolies

Today’s News On-line

Monday 8:54AM


Any Town and state – A gunman walked into the Morris Modern Plastics manufacturing plant this morning and shot 5 people. Initial reports are that 3 are dead, including the daughter of the plant owner and the gunman.


The alleged shooter has been tentatively identified as Richard Riley, 43, a former employee of the plant. He was supposedly fired a week ago.

“This is all so sudden and we never expected it!” said one worker who didn’t want to be identified. Another employee, Garret Preston, stated that ‘There were security guards everywhere for the past couple of days, but no one expected Riley to do this.”


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