Workplace violence incidents for February

I have not included the bombings of Jewish Community Centers in my lists for the past two months and before you ask… I cannot find a list of the cities that had these incidents. I do believe that more than 60 centers have been targeted, but except for the two in Arizona I can’t pin them down to specific cities. Although I did report the 13 that NBC reported on last month in overall numbers. If I added in the more than 50 I haven’t reported we have more than 110 incidents already this year.

Also I feel it necessary to point out that the incident in Smyrna, DE. Also included at least three people traumatized by being taken hostage.


Scottsdale, AZ. February 1           0

Smyrna, DE. February 1                 1d         4w

Fullerton, CA. February 1             0

Phoenix, AZ. February 2                               1w

Pasadena, CA. February 2            0

Jackson, MS. February 5                  4d

Crown Point, In. February 7        0

St. Louis, MO. February 9             0

Peoria, AZ. February 10                 0

Peoria, AZ. February 14 (school)    0

Peoria, AZ. February 14 (school)    0

Chandler, AZ. February 15           0

Ocala, FL. February 16                    0

Scottsdale, AZ. February 17         0

Tucson, AZ. February 19                  0

Phoenix, AZ. February 19                                       4w

Whittier, CA. February 20            1d                     2w

Chandler, AZ. February 20                                     1w

Houston, TX. February 21                0

Tucson, AZ. February 21                  0

Scottsdale, AZ. February 22         0

Olathe, KS. February 23                    1d                           2w

Chicago, IL. February 25                   0

Salt Lake City, UT. February 26      1d

Avondale, AZ. February 27             2d

Scottsdale, AZ. February 27           0

Tucson, AZ. February 27                 0

February: 29 incidents  10 dead 13 wounded


Year-to-Date: 64 Arizona: 24

21  Dead     68 Wounded

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