Workplace Violence incidents for January

Houston, TX. January 1                            2w

Houston, TX. January 2                            1w

Phoenix, AZ. January 4                  1d       1w

Ft. Lauderdale, FL. January 6       5d     42w

Chicago, IL. January 7                              2w

Miami, FL. January 9 (school)     0

Tuscaloosa, AL. January 10(school) 0

Tonopah, AZ. January 11               2d          1w

Palm Springs, CA. January 11                   1w

Avondale, AZ. January 13             0

Dallas, TX. January 14                                1w

Annapolis, MD. January 14 (school) 0

Tempe, AZ. January 15                  0

Phoenix, AZ. January 16 (school)              0

Little Elm, TX. January 17              2d

Blanchard, ID. January 17                        3w

Glendale, AZ. January 21              1d

San Antonio, TX. January 21        0

Tucson, AZ. January 23                  0

Kansas City, MO. January 23                   2w

Tollefson, AZ. January 24                       1w

Lady Lake, FL. January 26 (school)  0

Prescott, AZ. January 26 (school)  0

Philadelphia, PA. January 28      0

January:    37 incidents    11 dead   57 wounded

In Ft. Lauderdale there were 36 people reported injured/wounded directly related to the shooting including sprained ankles & heat exhaustion. One of the few incidents where the ancillary injured is noted. This does not include the approx. 150 who were traumatized by the incident that were in close proximity to it.

13 Jewish Community Centers were evacuated Tuesday, after a bomb threats this month was made against the centers. The FBI is investigating the threats. Like similar threats in recent weeks, these were later deemed not to be credible. (these numbers were added to the totals but not specific cities)


Year-to-Date: 37    Arizona: 9

11  Dead     57 Wounded

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