Is there an Opportunity…?

I have been in the security field for nearly 34 years, as of June 4, and involved with workplace violence (WPV) and its issues since 1991. Just six weeks after relocating to the Phoenix area I went blind and after the adjustment period I tried to get and stay involved with security through my writing.

I want to continue in the field that I love but would like to get paid for it. I love the aspects of saving the lives, property, and assets of clients and companies. I also enjoy imparting my knowledge and experiences to newer and less seasoned security officers and managers, as well as to clients who may not know better.

I have worked for, and gained a vast amount of experience & knowledge, in several diverse fields which has assisted me immensely in learning about people and the intricacies of business:

  • Temp agencies – on both sides of the desk
  • Security –both in the field & management for 6 companies

Wells Fargo Guard Services, Allied Security, Inc. (now Allied Universal Security (, ABM Security, Universal Protective Services of Mission Kansas, Uni-Guard Security, and First Response, Inc. of Mission Kansas.

  • Hospitality at an extended stay hotel working in Customer Service
  • Customer Service – Supervised/Managed an inbound call center at night
  • Restaurant – shift supervisor/Manager


I’ve worked in a large variety of fields and I believe I have the experience, skills, and knowledge to write what I believe in. Yes, my posts are full of quirky, weird, and unusual ideas sometimes. But they have been time tested throughout my career and they do work, some better than others.

  • Published more than 75 articles on security, human resources, & customer service
  • Have written, revised, and formatted more than 200 post manuals/orders
  • Write a twice weekly blog on workplace violence, customer service, and other security issues
  • Write a monthly security column for the National Federation of the Blind –Arizona Chapter
  • Self-Published 2 books on school & workplace violence prevention, 2009 & 2014 respectively
  • Appeared in the media more than 150 times being interviewed on various topics,
  • Was PR Chair for the Phoenix Chapter of ASIS International for 8 years
  • President of a writers group specifically for blind writers in Phoenix
  • Volunteer public relations assistant for the Arizona Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired (ACBVI)
  • Will be instructing a class on personal/home security at ACBVI starting in May, unless I start working for you.


I am not opposed to moving out of Arizona, my wife may object to North Dakota but…, or working remotely. I can, and would be, available 24/7 for you, your clients, and officers/employees. I would even be amenable to working as an on-call consultant, being paid as such. So whaddaya say? Is there anything I can do for you? There are several ways to contact me for an interview:

Personal e-mail: with security job in subject line (preferred method)

Linkedin: Send me a message through here (problems getting mails from linkedin in a timely manner)

Blog site: @robertsollars2

          I May be Blind but my Vision is Crystal Clear

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