Workplace Violence Numbers total for 2016

In April I posted this in the blog:

You’ll notice that the numbers for the year are 74 incidents that I’ve counted. If you take the theoretical approach that means that I can count on more than 280 incidents of WPV this year. And the worst would be more than 130 dead and more than 325 wounded or injured, which of course doesn’t cover those psychologically traumatized for life.

And I was wrong about this prediction!

With the Presidential election this year and contentiousness of the Republican, and increasingly on the democrat’s side, the number of reported incidents will slow down for the more interesting fiction of the candidates. If you follow the line drawn by the University of South Florida, 15 million assaults yearly, then you have to listen closely to the news to catch many of those, which would include arson, bomb threats, & the like.


Well, onto the numbers as they have occurred last year. They are also broken down by state in here as well. Just keep in mind that the numbers that are broken down by state…just because I’ve counted so many in Arizona doesn’t mean that Arizona a is a dangerous state or that Illinois is safer, take a look at the homicide rate for 2016. It’s a simple matter of what news reports come my way and very few WPV reports come from Illinois. Every state in this great country experiences WPV, it just doesn’t happen to be on the evening news or 0300 ABC Radio news!


2016 Numbers:

By Month:

January:   24 incidents    4 dead    20 wounded

February:   29 incidents   29 dead     40 wounded

March:  22 incidents    5 dead  23  wounded

April:   24  incidents   7  dead    23 wounded

May: 29 incidents 15 dead 29 wounded

June: 26 Incidents  19 Dead 23 Wounded

July:  23 Incidents   23 Dead  58 Wounded

August:   32 incidents    11 dead  11  wounded

September:   32  incidents     19 dead  39 wounded

October:  28 incidents 8 dead  34 wounded

November:   41 Incidents   21 Dead   68 Wounded

December:    27 Incidents   6 Dead    54 Wounded


Grand Total:

337 incidents

167 dead

422 wounded


By State:

Arizona                                                                               114

California                                                                         27

Texas                                                                                   19

New York                                                                           17

Florida                                                                                15

Maryland                                                                          12

Pennsylvania                                                                 8

Colorado, , Washington                                         7

Georgia, Massachusetts, Ohio                          6

Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Virginia,

Washington D.C.                                                         5

New Mexico, New Jersey, North Carolina             4

Alaska, Delaware, Illinois, Louisiana, Minnesota       3

Iowa, Oregon, Utah                                                     2

Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Indiana, Kansas, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, West Virginia, Wyoming      1

Hawaii, Idaho, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont                                                                            0 or Twitter: @robertsollars2

I May be Blind but my Vision is Crystal Clear

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